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We are a swiss based blockchain startup. Founded in 2022 we strive to educate our customers in the blockchain field. As of today, there are much more things the blockchain can do for us than we know of. We explore the new fields that appear and bring you the products for it!

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Our values

We want to provide all of our customers with an excellent service and implement a modern work space. Therefore, we wanted to create values that reflect our culture we want to implement.

  • We do as we say and value our promises
  • We appreciate and respect our teammates, partners & customers
  • We keep educating ourselves on the Web 3.0 and blockchain field
  • We discover new possibilities that can impact us all for the better
  • We give back and reduce our footprint for future generations
  • We protect the privacy of our customers and partners
  • We celebrate our differences and respect all our teammates, customers and partners

Our blockchain

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We use the blockchain that near.org created. It is one of the most advanced blockchains that exist and is Certified Carbon Neutral.


Schweizer NFT

We want to change the way NFTs are used today and create a value beyond collecting them. For that we are currently developing a new NFT platform! Stay tuned by following our socials!

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More projects are coming soon

Our services

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Courses regarding the blockchain in general

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Consultation on how the blockchain can be implemented in existing projects

These are the two main points we concentrate on but of course there are many more things you could learn about the blockchain.